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Where I Am Is Where I Need To Be

I’m not sure how many times I’ve told myself this.

But the past year probably more times than I can count.

What if whenever God puts us in specific places that feel uncomfortable we approach it with it’s where we NEED to be. What if it’s necessary for you to be wherever you are right now for what God has in store for you next?

I’ve seen God do some of the sweetest things in my life out of seasons I DID NOT want to be in

I fully believe that’s always the case, there have been many times where I was NOT where I wanted to be, and I think it’s ok to feel that way, but think about Josef in Genesis getting sold into slavery interpreting dreams for many years before he ruled Egypt. It may not be where he wanted to be, but it’s where God needed him to be to set him up to do some incredible things. I know I have a hard time doing this, but let’s be faithful where we are. Write this down. Tell yourself this. And know even if you may not be where you want to be it might be where you need to be.

Genesis 37 - 41


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