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This idea of worthiness has been all over my journal. I think sometimes we miss the Gospel by making ourselves seem like the one worthy of his love when it is quite the contrary, we are pretty sucky people worthy of nothing haha ALTHOUGH, please don’t miss the fact that you are WANTED and sought out after more than you could possibly imagine. These two words seem to not go together but that’s what makes the Gospel so beautiful to me. A worthy God coming to die, and save and Unworthy people because he wanted us that much. I wrote a poem below

In him there’s redemption

He’s forgiven me

I’d say no

To the cross

But you said yes for me

A child of the father

Is what you call me

A perfect son and daughter is what you choose to see

I mocked your death

And you knew it would be

But still you wanted

An unworthy me

So peace overcome

For what you did for me

A family I didn’t have

Until he chose me

I’ll remember the blood

A father smiling at me

Cause I’ve been adopted

In eternity

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