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Oh How Often I am To Forget & How Faithful He Is To Remind.

This is my safe place. I know it sounds kinda weird and cheesy but the back of an empty Harvest sometimes feels safer than my own home. The amount of necessary moments and conversations I’ve had in here are insane.

Today I had another:

I was sitting here getting ready to write a wordsced post about solitude with the father and how practicing the sabbath has actually changed my life (and it HAS. I will tell y’all all about it) but today I just wasn’t feeling it. honestly over a week or so now I just haven’t been “feeling it” ya know? I went to the mountains in Colorado last week looking for that moment with God. I just wanted a reminder he’s still here and loves me, kinda like when a dad is holding his sons hand on a walk and randomly swings him in the air; that kinda moment. I had so many of them, but got back and still wasn’t reeally “feeeeling it”. As I was sitting God showed me something. He’s simply so creative.

My phone had been on the charger for a while but when I looked down my phone wasn’t charged? My battery symbol was going “off and and on” and after ALLLLL this time my phone wasn’t charged. (Extremely annoying lol) Actually, it was less charged. It stoped me in me tracks. I said, this is me. Jesus tenderly said “you have it backwards Ced.” stop searching for a temporary lifting up or better yet, “charge” and just walk with me, my yoke is light, it’s the best way to live. I wrote a song about it too. It’s called follow. The funny thing is I wrote it a while ago and forgot how faithful God was to show me those words then. Oh how often I forget and how faithful he is to remind. ProTip: write down all the moments God has been tangibly faithful to you and keep reminding yourself.

Duet 1:26-32

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